IOSPIRIT will have a special offer for Mac® users on Black Friday. For one day, single user licenses for its popular Remote Buddy application are available for only 14.99 Euro (that's 25% down from the regular price of 19.99 Euro. All prices already include 19% VAT for orders from within the EU).

Remote Buddy allows its users to remotely control their Mac® computer using their Apple® Remote, Wii™ Remote, iPhone™ and iPod® Touch. It is only available for Mac® computers.

The offer is limited to the 28th November 2008 and spans all timezones (*).

(*) From Kiribati (Nov 28, 2008 00:00 GMT+14:00) to the Bakerisland (Nov 29, 2008 00:00 GMT-12:00).

About Remote Buddy

Remote Buddy gives its users full control over their Mac® via their remote control, iPod® Touch or iPhone™. With more than 100 directly supported applications and system functions, real virtual mouse and keyboard, built-in presentation tools, extensive configuration abilities as well as broad hardware support (incl. Apple® Remote, iPhone™, iPod® Touch and Wii™ Remote), Remote Buddy is targeting a broad and diverse audience.

Find more information on Remote Buddy and a compact overview with demo videos and many screenshots at the Remote Buddy website at: .


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