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As a long time reader and occasional contributor to MacTech I was very pleased to get an invitation to post a special offer for MacTech readers, so here goes:

What is WebMerge?

WebMerge is an award-winning software solution for easily publishing the exported content of any database or spreadsheet to the web.

Using placeholder tags you add to template pages you create with your favorite HTML editor, WebMerge creates a new page for each record in your data source.

WebMerge can also create flexible index pages, with as many records on a single page as you like, automatically linked to your detail pages.

WebMerge provides a variety of navigation tags you can add to your templates, like Next, Forward, First, and Last, so your web visitors can easily move among index and detail pages.

WebMerge also provides a conditional IF tag, and supports options to have it build your index content in a table layout, giving you even more control over how your pages are generated.

Once you have your templates and settings set up to generate your pages, you can save your settings with auto-run options to have the whole generation process fully automated.

You can even queue up multiple WebMerge settings to run in sequence, automating even multi-tier sites like storefronts with categories and subcategories.

WebMerge includes built-in FTP support so you have have it automatically upload the pages it generates to your web server.

What sorts of web pages can I make with WebMerge?

Here's a link to our Gallery page showing dozens of examples of sites produced with WebMerge:

Who uses WebMerge?

Our software is especially popular with affiliate marketers and others who build custom storefronts and directories on the web, but we've also sold single- and multi-user licenses to organizations like BMI Music Publishing, AOL, the US Library of Congress, and thousands of small web development shops like yours.

Sooner or later just about every web developer gets a database or spreadsheet with content they need to put on the web quickly and have full control over its layout. WebMerge is for them.

Where can I download WebMerge?

You can try WebMerge for free:

The free download has all features enabled so you can try out every aspect of the program before you purchase a license. Unlicensed copies of WebMerge will work with only 20 records at a time, and once it's licensed you can just continue using your settings and templates to generate an almost unlimited number of pages (WebMerge is limited only by available memory, and we have several customers generating hundreds of thousands of pages per session).

What's included with WebMerge?

- WebMerge application program

- Several additional utilities in WebMerge's Tools menu, such as the TagMaker which provides a point-and-click way of easily making tags to paste into your web templates

- More than 80 pages of documentation, including a brief introductory tutorial and a comprehensive reference for each of WebMerge's dozens of tags.

- WebMerge's Help also includes convenient links to our Support Forum and to comprehensive tutorials from expert users to learn more advanced features for professional web development.

- One year of technical support by email and phone, with a toll-free number for US customers.

- All upgrades within a year of purchase are free of charge

How much does WebMerge cost?

WebMerge normally sells for US$99 for a single-user license, but for a limited time we're offering a special deal exclusively for MacTech forum members:

Through December 25 you can get WebMerge at 20% off - just $79

To take advantage of this special MacTech offer visit this page:

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