Groqit Personal Inventory Computer/ Pocket Barcode Scanner only $99.

Groqit (rhymes with rocket) can help you quickly inventory books, games, DVD's, and other barcoded items simply by scanning their bar codes.

You can use it to keep track of multiple collections, even large ones, and look up the information wherever you are. When you’re shopping you can scan a barcode to see if you’ve got that same item in inventory already. (If you’ve ever bought the same DVD twice, you may want this.)

The device can store millions of barcodes. You can create hundreds of Categories (separate lists) if you want. You can look up and display information on the device, or on your computer. (Yes, it works with the Mac OS.)

The Groqit website offers free services to help organize your collections online – even free tools for people who don’t buy anything, but want to create lists of stuff they have, and Wishlists to share with friends. Groqit’s site helps with everything from filling in information for you (example: type in a book’s ISBN and it fills in Author, title) to secure list sharing.

If you know someone with a huge movie or book collection, now you know what to get them. The Groqit is the perfect gift for the person who has “everything” – a way to keep track.

Special Offer: Buy the Groqit on line (at for the regular price of $129.00 by the end of 2008. Email us via the site’s contact page with the Discount Code any time before the end of 2008, and (once you have had your Groqit for 30 days) we will send you a check for $30.00

Discount code: Put-A-Groqit-In-Your-Pocket!

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