Our "Happy Days Are Here Again" Extreme Group Buy has ended, but we're allowing late-comers to purchase at the final group buy price, US$25, until November 22. This is an 80% discount off the usual price of SFX Machine RT + ReSpatializer.

More info at http://www.sfxmachine.com/rt/groupbuy.html .

SFX Machine RT, http://www.sfxmachine.com/rt/index.html , is an audio multi-effects and sound design plug-in for VST and Audio Unit. It includes hundreds of presets and is streamlined for quick and easy use in audio production environments. It has been used to do sound design for radio production, TV shows, feature films, CDs and video games. While SFX Machine RT has an unparalleled collection of effects, from the conventional to the bizarre, it also serves in everyday use as a "swiss army knife" of audio utilities. For a quick look at what it does, try the SFX Machine Simulator, http://www.sfxmachine.com/simulator/index.html .

ReSpatializer, http://www.sfxmachine.com/respatializer/index.html , is an advanced panning, surround sound and spatialization plug-in. It supports up to eight input channels, each of which can be individually panned.

Earl Vickers