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I just wanted to let you know that their is a special on Album DS for Macintosh and Photoshop going on now. Album DS is a fantastic product for professional graphic design inside of Photoshop. It's not a plugin or action based product and allows users to create Albums, Proofs, Greeting Cards and more. It's aimed at the professional photographer or advanced amatuer who wants more freedom than stand alone apps while designing freehand or from templates much faster than without Album DS.

Ok, so I'm a spokeshole for Album DS but I'm also a full time working pro who only got involved with Album DS after trying everything else because at the time it wasn't marketed here. I went from @ 40 hours per album including retouch to being able to do several in a day including retouch and printing and now I have enough time to also market Album DS here in North America . Gotta love it!! I should also mention we won Professional Photographer Magazine's Hot One Award for best album design product 3 months after our US launch and we keep making it even better.

Album DS is normally $349 or $449 and includes one computer license but it's on special now with a free additional license which is a savings of $125. If you're a pro or want to be check out the free fully functional demo at www.albumds.org and you can see my personal site at www.lindenphoto.net.

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