Not overlooking it all all. It's called "The Blessing of a Civil Marriage", and believe me, it can have all the trappings! Been there. Done that!

Okay so some people would like it but the majority wouldn't - a reasonable inference from the fact that there's practically no take up. Presumably you'd be in favour of your double ceremony model being put to the voters and accepting the outcome whatever it may be? Although I've got my doubts about democracy being the best political system as long it prevails one has to run with the results?

As to your embargo on my posts I'm pleased you've broken it. It wasn't justified in the first place and gave the impression that you were quitting because you couldn't counter the arguments I was putting forward. Contrary to loose and unsubstantiated accusations of homophobia my posts have presented only moderate mainstream arguments of the majority. And whereas I'm trying to answer everybody's points even though I disagree with them what I've noticed is that when I put forward even an invincible point instead of acknowledging it people think it will just go away if they say nothing in response.

What about ballroom dancing competitions? Should the rules be changed by law to open up competition to same-sex couples and remove discrimination based on gender and sexual orientation or should they continue to be regulated by the National Dance Council of America (NDCA) and similar bodies according to what they deem to be the appropriate requirements for entry?