I agree: the Real Issue goes far beyond her stooopit gafff...the <br>REAL Issue lies in the Danger of the "Politicization of Science"<br><br>It's no less reprehensible than STACKING THE SUPREME COURT<br>By giving LIFE-TIME Appointments to Judges likely to fulfill <br>your personal agenda, rather than upholding the Constitution.<br><br>We're FEELING the Consequences today... <br>The SCIENTIFIC COMMITTEE stacked with CLIMATE SKEPTICS <br>who Continue to DENY what's going on Right Under Our Noses!<br><br>Excuse My Cynical Humor;<br>But it always makes me think of the old Richard Pryor schtick:<br>When his wife walks in on him having sex with another woman.<br>Caught RED-HANDED, he has the the AUDACITY To Deny It; <br>"Baby, Who' you gonna' to believe? Me? ...or Your Lying Eyes?" <br><br><br> [color:white].<br></font color=white> [color:white]. .</font color=white>"Fool us thrice...and we get what we deserve."