"He was also a racist, misogynist, elitist and war monger, but we can save that for another thread, huh."<br><br>Have I already said this?: Back in high school I picked Teddy Roosevelt as my biography report, and read a few biopic biographies and decided he was the greatest thing since sliced bread. It was only years later that I learned a lot more about him from books that didn't idolize him and realized how much he was all the things Lea has written above. But, to some extent we can at least say he was a product of him time. What can we say about W? If he is in anyway a product of our time, it doesn't say much good for our time. Hopefully more can be said of our times after the next administration we choose to put in place. <br><br>We are STILL what we repeatedly do. -Aristotle
We are what we repeatedly do - Aristotle