Thomas Friedman had an editorial in the AJC and I tried to find it online both at the AJC and the NY Times, but was unsuccessful. Maybe it'll be available later.<br><br>But it outlines McCain's empty rhetoric over the energy problems we have, and his flippant references to wind and solar energy. This year there have been 8 votes to extend tax credits for wind and solar developers. McCain has missed ALL 8 including one July 30, 2008. To be fair, Obama missed the last one too, but voted on the 3 previous ones. Not only has McCain missed ALL the votes, but once they couldn't even get him to come out of his Senate Office to the Senate floor to vote... so essentially his "no shows" were "NO votes" since it takes 60 to get past a filibuster. So when he speaks of using everything - it's BS !! He hasn't done ANYthing to support any solution outside OIL ! He speaks of nuclear, but is he serious or just another diversion and empty "Wind" ??<br><br>gee, guess those large campaign donations from BIG OIL really did pay off !!<br><br>David (OFI)
David (OFI)