first, i *always* turn my iPhone on with 1 hand. maybe my fingers are just more flexible or something?<br><br>sound isn't great on the first generation. my last Verizon phone was worse than the previous one, so this iPhone is pretty equal. i don't like the speaker phone and we use that often with my kids.<br><br>i have never hit the top-left button on visual voicemail. the way i use that screen is to click the name and hear the message. but while listening, you are still on the main screen so there's no need to go back, is there?<br><br>i have a rubber case (logo is a backwards apostrophe and i can't find it again for my wife -- i have no clue what company it is). but the case is a must as it slipped right out of my hands and onto our carpet on the first day i owned it. i don't mind having the case because it works so darn well. fwiw, my wife has the incase case and my case is a zillion times better, which is why she wants one like mine. <br><br>i agree on the missing copy-and-paste stuff.<br><br>with Push, i am now probably going to drop Google calendars and switch to iCal. i rarely sync my iPhone to my computer and just charge externally so if Push can sync the calendars then i'll gladly switch. the Google calendars would SMS my phone with the current appt., but if i upgrade iPhones then i'd have to pay for SMS and iCal can let me know about appts without an SMS. <br><br>voice dialing is something i did two phones ago and loved. my previous Verizon phone didn't have it and i missed it. so my iPhone still doesn't but i no longer think about it. i do love the visual voicemail. that's an awesome feature to listen to any voicemail on the spot without having to listen to 4 messages in front of the one i want, etc. -- awesome.<br><br>my laptop has had it's wireless crap out this past week. we're on vacation so the iPhone has been my key to internet. even Edge is tolerable and the internet on this iPhone is just awesome for a device this size. awesome!<br><br>the only other complain is the 2 MP camera. they could have done better on the new iPhone. i have a TZ5 so i don't really care anymore, but a better camera might have had me thinking twice about the TZ5 previously. <br><br>--<br>[color:red] Kansas Jayhawks -- 2008 National Champions </font color=red>