INSANITY!<br><br> You gotta hear the interviews!<br><br>The fallout is growing.<br>Canada is letting objectors stay...<br>Vietnam's fallout started small then flood-gated.<br><br>Heavy duty episode.<br>The worst part was the 'U.S.' troop kicking the decapitated head around like a soccer ball... dare I mention the other crazy regressive stuff heard today.<br><br>Total shame.<br><br>Y'all greedy racist righties on the devil's genitals can have your sex, drugs and violence 101. I'll strive for peace, love and unity in my aging days of life. (try to corrupt my nature as they do!) <br><br>Unreal.<br><br>PS, the Gang War (Medley) on iTunes is worth a look-see too, towards the end; bare with the accents, if you try hard enough it's quite telling. I'm not even into faith nor religion etc... but Jah protect my friends.<br><br>Nature is always ready to humble us. Actually every day.
_-_-_-_------_--everyonewantsto say they don't count. Hugh?