Good morning all,<br><br>So far, some of the MacMinute server stuff has been switched over already. Most of this was behind the scenes stuff that didn't impact the web site, but got things prepared for the web server changes.<br><br>We're about ready to do the last round of changeovers. In short, I expect there to be some bumps in the road, and we'll figure them out on the fly. (It's not that we can't make it seamless, it's just such a gargantuan effort to do so, it's not worth the effort for what will hopefully just be a matter of hours of issues).<br><br>As things change, depending on the DNS servers you rely on, it's possible that a post will be made to the old servers, but not make it's way to the new servers. This would happen after the change happens, but before the DNS propagates to you.<br><br>End result, your post could disappear.<br><br>It's also possible that the new setups will have problems (as it's difficult to test until the DNS changes). We'll be working on that if that's the case, and if you need to, you can drop us an email at to let us know if issues.<br><br>In any event, expect some changes to happen later this afternoon (Sun).<br><br>Thanks!<br><br>Neil<br><br><br><br>
Neil Ticktin
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