<br><br>Not all were Taliban. <br><br>How do you defeat nature? Suck up all the water and trees? Then you have no economy, the place is already inhospitable to 'modern folk'; that's just my mass census opinion (not far from the onion's) They're the narco-cult-gang from NOWHERE. (at least they arrest the leaders here and hold em' @ 10million bucks bail - )<br>Well, they have some fossil fuel or some ore that some greedy bastard is after. Seems these days people are the hottest commodity. <br><br>At least Spain is tip toeing to different realms of social justice. Example: raiding Russian mob houses and reprogramming kids addicted the texting celphone, all in little old Spain! Buy em' an Apple computer that has a shut-off timer, they'll be better off and see clearly!<br><br>So much Irony going on!<br>People want so bad to push ancient heritage but can barely get buy when the suck of that ideology, thought process, religion, bias, lack of education happens to them. Told you greedy fools before x 11.<br><br>Arrrggghhh.... what a waste of money and time. These families that leave such huge and fatal signatures upon the coexisting with nature/topography type of humans.<br><br>You can learn from a native of any land.<br>And you can learn how to hold up those people to show them to a worldwide tribe.<br><br>Not all is lost but there are many things, modern landfill things usually, that humans can be rid of. To never make them in the first place is best.<br><br>Am I off track and skittish.. good, that's how this art goes.<br>I'm sorry that's how this game goes.<br><br>Art of war, not game.
_-_-_-_------_--everyonewantsto say they don't count. Hugh?