looks like apple gave up on getting a deal with an Australian mobile phone carrier to carry the iPhone.<br>Apple have announced to re-sellers they will be able to sell the iphone to whomever they wish to & they will be able to select their carrier and bring their own SIM.<br>Will this have consequences for At&T?<br>http://digg.com/apple/Australian_iPhone_release_info_revealed<br><br><br> whenever i see a [color:red]r</font color=red>[color:blue]a</font color=blue>i[color:purple]n</font color=purple>b[color:orange]o</font color=orange>[color:green]w</font color=green> i know god is having gay sex
whenever i see a [red]r[/red][blue]a[/blue]i[purple]n[/purple]b[orange]o[/orange][green]w[/green] i know god is having gay sex