Yeah, I mean in terms of democracy the system is almost dysfunctional but if they like it you could argue that there's nothing wrong with it. <br><br>The fact that Hiillary was cought having misspoke to the American people about coming under sniper fire in Kosovo at the same time insulting victims of real hostility in that place and yet is apparently still in the running for power proves if it proves nothing else that for all the time it's taking to identify candidates for the presidency the fact of lying to the people is not a particularly important consideration.<br><br>Nevertheless, what they like and what is good for everyone else are two completely different things. The last political system in the world for determining what should happen in global affairs is that which every five years we see unfolding in the States. But then again that's why nobody is taking any notice of what Bush thinks and why many nations have gone their own way or advocated reliance on the United Nations for providing some semblance of order and justice in world politics.<br><br><br><br>km<br><br>