the Zune vs iPod thread reminded me of an event Saturday.<br>I went to my Apple One To One. and was waiting for "Myles the Magnificent" to come over and a young lady (30s) with a laptop was sitting 2 stools over. <br>She looked over at me and said "Hi!" I said Hi back and she said she was having a problem syncing her iTunes Library. <br><br>I asked her "how long have you been using Macs?" <br><br>She said "well this isn't a Mac it's a Dell laptop. "<br>I replied "Oh how old is it?" (thinking maybe it's outdated). <br><br>She replied " oh it's only a week old!"I replied "<br>I replied "Oh, sorry to hear of your problems."<br><br>Then she said" I just getting where I hate technology!'<br>I looked her in the eye and said" No offense, you're just using the wrong one, NO offense, I really mean it" <br>She looked really frustrated.<br>Myles came over and kinda rolled his eyes at me and we started the lesson.<br><br><br>David (OFI)
David (OFI)