Dave and Lea: Let us get out of both wars tomorrow at 8 a.m.! I agree. If not then. Next week. If not then, next month. If that doesn't occur, in the next 6 months, or 9 months.<br><br>Congress has been trying to get out for over a year. Do you see it happening in any of the time frames I mentioned above? Would I like the troops out tomorrow en total? You BOTH know me well enough to know that I would hope that with every breath in my body!<br><br>Thing is, it ain't going to happen on Bush's watch. YOU know it ain't going to happen in this next year. [I hope I am wrong and you point out my saying that, very soon.]<br><br>We are all building up our hope that the new President will start the ball rolling and bring the troops home. Will it take an orderly withdrawal? No one here actually thinks we can send 100 airplanes, 10 ships or whatever it takes and pull our troops out totally in 30 days! Even if we leave all our equipment behind [which I believe we'll do anyway].<br><br>Sorry David. I know Vietnam. Who could forget it. I hope you don't suggest that I am in sympathy with that bygone situation or would support going on that long or giving up that many lives or . . . Well, I know YOU too well to even think that. So what the fleck are you bringing that up to me for?<br><br>I know you are frustrated, but your statement "yeah orderly withdrawal... tomorrow.... everybody is just fantasy! and you know it. <br><br>Another fantasy is "NO ONE stays behind." I think anyone believing that will be in for a big letdown! It would be inhuman to remove all support from that country that we have practically devastated until it gets something like the UN or other policing personnel to help them pull their country together. Well, that is my feeling. I will understand if you feel differently. That's what we're about anyway. We are NOT isolationists. We're about helping other countries getting back on their feet, wherever our men and women are now serving. I am not one who thinks we should pull them all back home now. In fact, I'd like to send more men and women to more countries. Of course, I'd like it to be peace corps type things, more educationers, more farmers, more builders, etc. who would be in service of their country [the United States of America]. Those people are in countries around the world now but I'd like to see more of them. Eventually, we can substitue the personnel we leave in Iraq who are there with guns, with people with shovels, hammers, hoes, cows, seeds, books, etc. <br><br>I don't think if you hand pick your personal choice for President and he promises you to get the troops out tomorrow [whatever that day may be] that if you believe it, you are going to be very disappointed. I believe a couple of people running for office right now have promised to get us out of Iraq in 30 days or 1 year when they do not know if it is even possible. It is a good campaign promise, but we'll see . . . . . . . .<br><br>