MacReporter indicates Stan Flack posted 28 news items to MacMinute on 01/28/28 after 6 a.m. EST.<br><br>Busy Monday.<br><br>Lots of good news for the Mac community and Apple.<br><br>There may be four MacWorld Expos this year, two having already been celebrated after the news of 01/28, with #3 the announcement of the G5 Towers, then the "regular" one in NYC this summer (when everything gets a speed bump and OS X 10.3 ships).<br><br>Latest rumor for MacWorld Expo NYC: Steve Jobs will stay home and weed his wife's vegetable garden because there won't be anything really new to introduce except for the 500 new cocoa apps for OS X.<br><br><br><br>[color:blue]128k_Mac</font color=blue><br><br>Men say they know many things; but lo! they have taken wings--The arts and sciences, and a thousand appliances; The wind that blows is all that any body knows. [color:blue]Henry David Thoreau</font color=blue><br>