Has anyone else noticed the considerable coverage that Wired (online) has been giving MacWorld?<br><br>While new Apple products invariably draw a little attention from NYTimes, ZDnet, Salon, et al, it's rare indeed in my experience to see someone like Wired providing so much Mac coverage.<br><br>They apparently have a "reporter" attending Expo and they've had six or eight decent articles.<br><br>It's good to see the Mac getting so much attention, especially with ZDNet and CLNet provide such limited attention.<br><br>SlashDot also seems to have more items about the Mac than at previous Expos.<br><br>It's nice to see good things being said about everything from the new iMac to OS X. I think Wired has had more coverage, or at least as much, of the Mac as Microsoft this week.<br><br>This one is especially positive.<br><br><br><br>128k_Mac<br><br>The box said "Requires Microsoft Windows or better" so I bought a Macintosh.