i dunno i just cant force myself to buy windows, so i downloaded a copy of XP so i can update my remote control with bootcamp, geez you know i just forked out half of my savings for Leopard so i want to know how i can make this dmg file a bootable disc to run BootCamp assistant from.<br><br> whenever i see a [color:red]r</font color=red>[color:blue]a</font color=blue>i[color:purple]n</font color=purple>b[color:orange]o</font color=orange>[color:green]w</font color=green> i know god is having gay sex
whenever i see a [red]r[/red][blue]a[/blue]i[purple]n[/purple]b[orange]o[/orange][green]w[/green] i know god is having gay sex