So, made in Russia? Ughboy... Jobs, Jobs, tisk, tisk you jetset bastidge you!<br><br>I know, I know, it's all money.<br>N' blood.<br><br>ah the Russia link:<br><br><br>Taipei - Taiwan's Foxxon computer company and the US' Hewlett Packard will jointly invest 50 million US dollars to build a computer company in Russia, Taiwan press said on Tuesday. Terry Gou, chairman of Foxxon's mother company, the Hon Hai Precision Industry Co Ltd, flew to Russia in his private jet Tuesday for a four-day visit, the Central News Agency (CNA) reported.<br><br>Gou will visit Moscow for two days before proceeding to St Petersburg, where he will preside over the ground-breaking ceremony of the joint-venture computer company.<br><br>Gou will stay in St Petersburg for two days and return to Taiwan on October 14.<br><br>CNA quoted St Petersburg city government sources as saying the Foxxon-HP company will be a "world-scale" company producing personal computer, LCD screens and computer peripherals.<br><br>The company will occupy 12-15 hectares.<br><br>=<br><br>I'm not clicking all the way down the line to whom is producing Mac PC's these days but... c'mon Jobs get a green/anti-sweat shop model out already.<br><br>BILLIONS WOULD BUY!<br><br>LOL, sigh.<br><br>longlivetheSPINICH!<br><br>[color:green]I'll never forget the day I saw THE GREAT DIVIDE on Willy Nelson's guitar.</font color=green>