ok G5 10.4.8<br>2 gig RAM<br><br>I am having issues with a logitech mouse, so i uninstall the control centre and try to install it a gain, goes thru the motions but the install does not happen.<br><br>The pkg opens and i agree to all the terms, when i hit the install button, nothing.<br>So i think to myself i will run software update, maybe upto 10.4.9<br>same again run through the update tick the box for software i want to install, click the install button and nothing happens.<br><br>I assume it is a priviledges thing , but standard repair permissions is not working for me.<br><br>Help me please.<br><br> whenever i see a [color:red]r</font color=red>[color:blue]a</font color=blue>i[color:purple]n</font color=purple>b[color:orange]o</font color=orange>[color:green]w</font color=green> i know god is having gay sex
whenever i see a [red]r[/red][blue]a[/blue]i[purple]n[/purple]b[orange]o[/orange][green]w[/green] i know god is having gay sex