I got mine a few days back and I've been ripping my DVDs to it. At first I started with only the kids' movies, which are prime candidates. Kids don't care too much (mine are young) about video quality, and I bypass the hassle of handling DVDs (not to mention they do die eventually in kids' hands).<br><br>Yeah, the video quality difference is noticeable, but only in some movies. The stuff from iTMS is just crap. I ripped my DVDs using MediaFork, with default settings.<br><br>I gotta say, the convenience is really underrated. Or was, at least in my mind, until I had it. It is VERY NICE being able to punch through my favorite movies as I please. I select a movie, and it starts. Unlike a DVD where I have to hit "next", "next", "fast forward 8x", "menu", "enter", "next", "next" to get the damn movie to start.<br><br>So.. I ripped some more to the AppleTV. About 30 of them now. It rocks.<br><br>Oh and you know what? I don't even have an HDTV. I have a 6-year-old Sony that handles component inputs. Its max capability is 480i (I know, I know) but hey I'm saving a grand. And now my wife and I can watch Battlestar Galactica on the TV instead of huddled around the iMac.<br><br>--<br>http://www.jackthevain.com/