CRAZY cool...<br><br><br>Need I post the Clutch lyrics again? Robot-Exodus LP many stars.<br>And other hard rock. No not the casino you outoftowners.<br><br>=<br>Seriously folks<br>seems or is obvious that a LARGE mass of foreigners leaving corporate meltdowns from 20 years ago; are assuming control of broken systems here (generational thing)... well, why push something that does not last?<br>Profit a bit and then the body atrophes,<br>then what?<br><br>Realization that yesterday's war,<br>mice and gods. <br><br>Engineer a future now.<br><br>now furthermore:<br><br><br><br><br>telebritus n. what people get when they're stuck on the ONE thing that stays a headline for a decoy. For the braindead/damaged; able to be CCR'd n' fixed clutch, no more holy, high and dumb crap.<br>LCD (ban CRT) saves the retina BIGTIME<br>no headaches unless provoked by sucker corporate types like they know how to evolve <br>amongst the paths, abandonded cities<br><br>engineer a future now<br>CULTURE SHOCK of NON VIOLENCE of KNOWLEDGE<br>key<br><br>Long live my friends.<br>Foes may you rot in your prison.<br><br>[color:green]The media has been insulting people for two decades.</font color=green>