Ney sentenced to 2 1/2 years in prison<br>Boston Globe - 5 hours ago<br>Former US representative Robert W. Ney left the federal courthouse in Washington after being sentenced yesterday to a federal prison term.<br>Ney gets 30-month sentence The Advocate<br>Judge Sends Ney to Prison for 30 Months ABC News<br>St. Petersburg Times - Los Angeles Times - Boston Herald - Columbus Dispatch<br>all 677 news articles »<br><br>==========><br>China... well, the capitalistatorsheep it's become...<br>opium and all; seems to be on the march to your local bank baby:<br><br>China Ups Ante in Space<br>Council on Foreign Relations - 15 hours ago<br>News of China’s successful satellite-killing missile test (BBC) on January 11 raises new questions for the United States with regard to its national space policy.<br>Japan, Britain join concern over Chinese missile test Washington Post<br>Space weapon used by China Melbourne Herald Sun<br>New Scientist (subscription) - San Jose Mercury News - Los Angeles Times - Xinhua<br>all 855 news articles »<br><br>wonder if they'll find the American flag on the moon?<br><br>Things that make ya go hrrmmmmm....<br><br>I wonder, well, not that hard really.<br>Get yer concealed incase ya gotta reveal my friends and foes.<br>Nail the flood-gates open. Erase the lies.<br>Righties, lefties, center fence riders, indoor and outdoor workers/families<br>as long as your claiming 'free-world' (free from capitalist polluting religion) I gotta love ya and the tangled web of deceit and abuse.<br><br>So can we impeach em' yet? He and his minions are STILL costing this community MILLIONS! Heh' loooohhhhh common sense!<br><br>Like codom worship.<br><br>Those without courage oppress the weak.<br>____________________