Look at this:<br><br>Cg GRAPHICS PROGRAMMING LANGUAGE<br><br>"C for graphics or Cg is NVIDIA's choice for a graphic programming language. Essentially, it is a much higher level programming language than Assembly. With Cg the programmer can basically write the same Assembly program in easily half the lines of code!<br><br>The NVIDIA Cg Compiler gives developers the benefits of a Unified Compiler Architecture (UCA), similar to the company's famous Unified Driver Architecture. Developers can write a single Cg version of a shader and leverage one compiler to produce executables targeted to multiple platforms (NVIDIA and non-NVIDIA GPUs). The NVIDIA Cg Compiler allows developers to produce either DirectX (8.0 or later) or OpenGL (1.3 or later) executables. The forward and backward compatibility simplifies the design, production, and management of all shaders, minimizing or removing the need for code changes to support additional and new platforms.<br><br>With Cg, consumers will enjoy an influx of games with stunning effects typically only seen in movies. A game that uses Cg haders can take advantage of the hardware that is available when it is run, by using what is referred to as the Cg runtime to compile specifically for that hardware. Games can also be more easily written to be platform independent-knowing that the application will run on nearly all hardware and software platforms. Finally, games that take advantage of the Cg runtime feature can benefit from the addition of a new GPU when it becomes available-without recompiling or upgrading the software. Games will last longer, providing excellent performance and benefiting from hardware upgrades as they are installed. "<br><br>This is from a preview of the Geforce FX GPU that can be found here<br><br>
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