Article from MacEdition<br><br>Stick a Quark in it<br><br>The Blade apparently isn’t the only barnacle-encrusted industry leviathan seeking calmer seas, at least judging from the latest reports of Quark Inc.’s increasingly crotchety attitude toward Apple and its newfangled Mac OS X.<br><br>Desktop publishers from Vanuatu to Tuvalu are painfully aware of the near-endless diplomatic and technological wrangling between the creator of the pre-eminent publishing platform and the developer of that market’s once-quintessential software application, the Precambrian yet still Carbon-free QuarkXPress.<br><br>Now, another round of reports from DTP’s DMZ suggests that Apple-Quark relations remain stony, that a Mac OS X-native version of XPress may still be writhing in the tarpits of alpha for many months yet, and that Quark is still nurturing its decade-old pipedream of breaking free from Apple technology in favor of a cozy niche in the Windows ecosystem.<br><br>Publishing professionals who attended a Quark-convened “executive summary” in New York last week are still abuzz over the performance of Quark CEO Fred Ebrahimi, a gentleman whose outbursts make Steve Jobs seem like Captain Kangaroo.<br><br>The ostensible topic du jour: the pending integration of Quark Publishing System and Digital Media System within a framework of Microsoft’s .Net and SQL Server technologies. Notably absent from the roadmap: any support for Mac OS X Server.<br><br>Indeed, these witnesses attest, audience questions about Mac OS X provoked an Ebrahimi tirade of Old Testament proportions: Quark’s Dear Leader told his squirming guests that “the Macintosh platform is shrinking,” and that “publishing is dying.” He suggested that anyone dissatisfied with Quark’s Mac commitment should “switch to something else,” although he insisted that making the move to Adobe’s long-Carbonized InDesign package is “committing suicide.”<br><br>“Everyone was stunned, and most folks left by noon,” one attendee reported. “It was awful.” Although many of Quark’s hapless visitors were lured to the gathering by a promised demo of XPress for Mac OS X, Quark provided precious few details and no time line. Ua fa’atagito’ia, Mr. Ebrahimi! <br><br>[color:red]I recommend you at least "learn" InDesign now, since Quark is going to kill themselves off in the near future, at least you won't be left high-and-dry!</font color=red><br><br>[color:red] Kiss My Banana!</font color=red><br>Visit me here!
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