G4 400mhz (currently being used to run Quark Xpress in OS9 once in a while, and then boot back into OSX and use as a testing machine and ftp/iChat)<br><br>G4 dual 450 mhz (currently being used by my wife - she does all her music organizing, e-mail, web surfing and home financial stuff on it)<br><br>G4 dual 1ghz (my main workhorse machine running Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, etc...)<br><br>G3 iBook 500mhz (currently used to surf the web and do very light MS Office work on, the wife takes it with her on business trips, etc...)<br><br>I could sell the 400mhz G4, and I am actually considering doing so, but they all work great and are quite happy running Jaguar. Usually what happens is after about 2 years of using a machine, I feel the urge to upgrade, so I buy a new Mac, give my existing main machine to my wife, take the machine she WAS using and either use it for something trivial or sell it.<br><br>I actually have a PowerComputing PowerCenter 132 in a box in the garage that still works - before I moved, I had it set up simply to use the floppy drive and the Jazz drive I had hooked up to it via SCSI II Card (which is now hooked up to the 400mhz G4)<br><br>[color:red] Kiss My Banana!</font color=red><br>Visit me here!
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