I hear a lot of people talking about inspections, this and that. But what's the big deal?<br><br>First of all, who cares about inspections when containers arrive here? If a container arrives in port carrying a bomb, it's too late. No inspection is going to stop it from killing large amounts of people. <br><br>Seems like people don't realize security has to start where that shipment originates. <br><br>Here's an idea:<br><br>Cargo containers should be inspected before being loaded on ships, and there should be an international security team that consists of people from a few nations on each team inspecting containers. Once a container is inspected, it's contents verified against shipment mainfests, it gets locked and tagged with a serial-numbered seal. Those seals should be distributed randomly to ports, and there should be several versions so that no company would know the numbers or style that might be put on it's container.<br><br>Then, once the ship is out of port those tag numbers are transmitted to the destination port, where they are checked once offloaded from the ships. These tags could also contain encrypted RFID chips as an addtional security measure.<br><br>If the container arrives and the seal tag is intact, the container wasn't tampered with and can go along it's merry way, there is no need for any other type of inspection.<br><br>This is a security system we used when I was in college and managing a local supermarket. Trucks would arrive in and be sealed, that seal had to match information we were given from the distro center. It wasn't security so much that we were worried about people putting crap on the trailers, it was security in that the distro center was located around Washington, DC and scum would frequently break into trailers as they were sitting at stop lights and grab whatever they could.<br><br>But as far a security went, it was fast, and most importantly, it worked. There were often times a trailer had been broken into. Whenever a trailer arrived with the seal missing, we'd notify distro and they'd send company security to the store while the truck was unloaded. If stuff was missing, the driver had a lot to answer for because noone outside the stores or drivers had keys. Once a trailer arrived and was missing the seal *and* lock, so we called the police who promptly arrested a stowaway!<br><br>

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