I won't name the vampire elite<br>I'll just say administration, to be corporately, politi... li li lee correct etc.<br><br>Appetite suppressor (tell the children the truth)<br><br>political hooligans<br>economic persuaders <br>assassins like wolves<br>oppressive regimes and connections<br>to everyones very communications<br>cellular, landline, digital, radio, chat rooms, v.o.i.p<br>you'd be surprised how much damage a cult of spies can be<br>online covert b logging <br>10 subject topics saying<br>1 Let's flip the argument.<br>2 the president didn't know about the port deal...<br>3 Hope he's right <br>4 UAE..<br>5 We don't deserve to know...<br>6 Is it already too late?<br>7 WHAT!!!????<br>8 Down the memory hole<br><br>10 [censored] up subjects<br><br>what gives is my sphere shaped mind<br>and what does not give so easily is the streets<br>remembering tyrannical head honchos and their treats<br>and their threats, bold tales and lack of reason<br>so as sure as sound can be three dimensional<br>these symbols, words and diversions<br>set upon us all in the know<br>but how to get along now<br>is pushed upon the next generation<br>are they of mind or all mouth?<br>is the planet we depend on get attention<br>like the latest American Idol<br>I really dig a woman that does cannabis <br>instead of Midol<br>It's obviously vital now to nail the floodgates open<br>see who stays and who goes insane<br>I did not vote for corruption, no lame-brain fantasy<br><br>do the research, see what comes up at democracynow.org<br>from time to time the odds will rise <br>divide will show, people will not agree<br>this is what the admin is seeking <br>either sabotage, hijack or monopolize progress<br>and forget about having educated people<br>we'll let the computers weed out the undesirable<br>let crack laced streets and random violence<br>from lack of health care or education, again<br><br>the list please<br>the admin has had their list pretty much played out<br>numbers keep climbing for the wrong reasons, greedy intentions, corrupt influence, cheated, Devious techniques ŽJeb!<br><br>Earth or bust<br>for the indited no trust<br><br>payce<br><br>Karl Rove, take over. Stop fronting like the 'American people' are dumb.