<br><br><br>And soon the American families as we know it<br>those that don't have the father commit suicide, killing his own<br>-yeah I've read enough stories like that these past few years-<br>the future of American families<br>is going to be squeezed by bad global policy (guess which leaders caused it, check 70's)<br><br>implode, ghetto of the mind<br>mass, critical<br><br>BEIJING (Reuters) - A group of 13 Chinese academics and editors have written to President Hu Jintao and other Communist leaders, joining a chorus of protest against a decision by censors to demote the top two editors of a progressive weekly.<br><br>Propaganda mandarins offered on Thursday to resurrect the weekly Freezing Point on March 1, five weeks after closing it for publishing an essay by historian Yuan Weishi criticizing what he called dangerous nationalist distortions in history textbooks.<br><br>All the signatories had written essays for Freezing Point at one time and included Zhang Yihe, author of the bestseller "The Past Is Not Like (Dissipating) Smoke", and university professors of history, law and film.<br><br>=<br>LAGOS (Reuters) - Nine foreign oil workers were taken hostage from an offshore barge in Nigeria on Saturday, a security source said, during a series of attacks on the oil industry in the world's eighth largest exporter.<br><br>A Shell oil facility near the Forcados export terminal was also attacked, and militants said they destroyed a gas pipeline running from the Escravos area to the Kaduna refinery in northern Nigeria.<br><br>A fire broke out at a Shell oil facility near Forcados export terminal, but was later extinguished, a company source said<br><br>life by numbers here we go<br><br>