Drug called media. Soothes the subconcious. Remember the calm before the Bible and Koran attack of the killer clones and such crusades to shed blood for oil.<br>And stop staring into the TVMD. Either Oprah planted this liar author for all to be distracted or subconsiously think, more - about liars.<br><br>Kids grow up nowdays knowing that you can lie about anything,<br>there's no punishment. Is it really part of our culture? Lying is a part of the TV shows...<br><br>Are people waking up, seems to be.<br>Seems the information age is upon us.<br>Thanks for the warning about the information war Mr. Gonzalez<br>did you write that or was it handed to you by your master?<br><br>If we, if they've made America, the USA one, a fascist state/nation that <br>listens in on organizations that do not much other than make money and <br>spend it together at picnics. Surely ther are NO WEAPONS involved with <br>all these organizations that are being listened in on. The 'feds' tapped MLK, look <br>where he ended up.<br><br>How is Germany doing these days? They sure get a waaaay better deal the workers at the walmarts there. They have a female head with her group the Christian Democrats? <br><br>Similar in a weird way.<br><br><br><br>