On Friday night, police say Davis shot and killed three people -- a woman he called his big sister and two complete strangers -- during an inexplicable rampage through central Broward. ''What would have led him to do that?'' his father, Ralston Davis Sr., asked Saturday outside the family's Sunrise home. ``If evil exists and can grip human beings like that, then indeed it manifested itself in him.'' The Davises, who run a ministry in Fort Lauderdale, said they noticed their son was acting strange in recent days, but they didn't know why. Marcia Davis reached out for her son before he left the house Friday night. ''Son, give me your hand. Let's pray,'' * she remembered saying to him. ``To me, you don't look right in the face.'' Davis walked out of the house. A few hours later, he was sitting in jail, charged with three execution-style slayings.<br>http://www.miami.com/mld/miamiherald/13322495.htm<br>Last week or so...<br>"Henderson said he put the pipe in his bedroom, took a shower, wrote a note and spent the rest of the night lying in his parents' bed staring at the ceiling," a detective's report said. "Henderson said that he killed his family because they wouldn't let him leave. He said that he was not angry at his family and that after he had hit his brother, he had to kill everyone. Henderson planned to collect money to buy enough drugs or poison to kill himself," according to the report. The victims' bodies were sent to the medical examiner for autopsies. It was not known if Henderson was represented by a lawyer. During a news conference Monday, Manatee County Sheriff Charlie Wells said it would be difficult to interpret a motive for the slayings. Henderson wept as he told detectives about the attacks, Wells said. In 2001, Henderson was part of a Columbine-style murder-suicide plan that was to have taken place at a local high school but was foiled by police, sheriff's officials said. Henderson, who was 16 at the time, was among four to six students involved in the plot, and was arrested on concealed weapons charges, officials said.<br><br>He had a troubled relationship with his parents, who had tried in vain to get him help for a drug addiction, Wells said.<br><br>"There was family tension for a long time," Wells said.<br><br>---------><br>-weak-<br>the state of mental health in BROWARD COUNTY/DADE FLORIDA:<br>As if the Clinton era was not enough injury<br>the bastards and their racist bitches add insult<br>the insult of being the 'oh that country, nation or land just has a stupid leader, it's not theeeeir fault' is unacceptable<br><br>The Bushtrifectatulous way of politicalsocioeconomical and dare I mention their connection to killing the future generations by raping, burning and polluting the land...<br><br>face the fact<br>we've all been wacked, good systems sacked<br>water not replaced even<br>sound education and realization that we'll need more scientists to run the damn future energy models that point to RENEWABLES SOLAR GRAVITATIONAL ETC.<br>cover your wounds and move on<br>drive the purpose<br>never let the 90's or 0's surface in logical communications<br>I'll only have positive thoughts when I'm spoken to positivley<br>when an elder becomes a negative<br>why should whole populations suffer?<br><br>That term<br>Think globally<br>Act locally, sure bursts many bubbles but it's the clearest message I've heard<br>since 'no matter what it is they try, because the flame of freedom burns deep down inside me!' in 89<br><br>-<br>Jeb Bush (and admit it all the substance abusing family)<br>his daughter gets off with the crack cocaine in her shoe at rehab bit<br>for whatever hollywood script but seriously<br>I'm WAY more serious that those people in the White House of scam artists<br>we all know the deal<br>-<br>Thanksgiving (scroll throughout this page):<br>http://news.google.com/news?hl=en&ned=tus&q=Thanksgiving+killings<br><br>THOSE DEAD SOULS ARE SIGNS<br>WAKE UP SHEEP IF YOUR READING!<br>W=WOLF. EATING YOU IS WHAT THEY DO.<br>I'm not saying all are going to become mental<br>but as the bar is lowered... well?<br><br>(*; that's where they program the mind to excuse the corruption of it all.)<br><br>and what?<br><br>&<br><br>Impeach.