Deep in the middle where the Summer is long.<br><br>I'm not saying that all Republican/Demo/righty/lefty/purebinowhite/mixed/black/cyborg/other parents that agree with ANY of the Bush/Cheney policies to govern a land called America.<br><br>What I'm leading to is the fact that they want generational change<br>that is why things are so bad now, I'll explain.<br>If they can have only the families that have ties to racism and corporate greed<br>survive a huge crash of connections to outside foreign nations<br>and worse yet cause problems in other nations<br>hijacking a system and then when it crashes having enough people<br>taxpayers, to go along <br>the one's that agree and support are given deals that make thousands upon millinos of dollars<br>intern putting hundreds, thousands and the millions of people, neighbors, families and yes<br>even children<br><br>even putting kids of the wrong 'class' to become the victims<br><br>well<br>the pride stops there<br>does'nt it<br><br>large flashy dreams, bright lights and nights full of fear<br><br>"they'll stab you in the back<br>and claim that you're not looking" - Bob Marley<br><br>And by the way<br>the Hollywood vs. Cultish atmosphere scenario has taken a turn for the insane<br>one Michael Jackson was on ABC news cast on tape stating <br>[color:red]"They suck them (stars) like leeches... It's a conspiracy. The Jews do it on purpose". Jackson also described the fate of a star like himself, “They start out the most popular person in the world, make a lot of money, big house, cars and everything and end up penniless”.</font color=red><br>? WTF, WHO CARES RIIIIIGHHHHT!<br><br>it just struck me as odd<br>why does he get headlines before dead families and troops?<br><br>this is the better link to intrigue yourself with:<br><br>and if ya wanna gossip<br><br><br>click!<br>WAKETHEFUKUP<br>It's not all this we, we, we crap<br>it's more like they, they and they alone have fcked up with my dinero!<br>CRITICAL MASS EVERYBODY!<br><br><br>Sick of it All are happy to announce that we have signed to Abacus Records worldwide! Our new album is in the works and will hopefully be released in April 2006. Abacus have proven their commitment to us and we're excited for what's ahead. The staff of the label are all really cool and share a common hardcore background with us. Here's to them for their belief in us, and here's to all of you for sticking with us all these years. 2006 is our 20th year as a band, so let's get it on! You can check the Abacus website at<br><br>Impeach.