Suspect sent angry SMS before US mall rampage<br>Independent Online - 2 hours ago<br>Tacoma, Washington - A man accused of wounding six people - one critically - when he opened fire inside a shopping mall sent text messages saying he was about to show the world his anger, two newspapers reported Monday. ... <br>Mall shooter: "World will feel my anger" Seattle Times<br>Shooting at Tacoma Mall leaves 7 injured Seattle Post Intelligencer<br>Guardian Unlimited - CNN - Los Angeles Times - ABC News - all 741 related <br><br>Yeah, U.S. (under admin x) society has so many outlets for the youth<br>riiiiiight. With what recreation spending money? Build my own damn fun!<br>No weapons needed! No government/hate culture programming necessary!<br>Stupid TV n' social standards are fer crap, see what this kid needed was another life, no drugs nor girlfriend HE WAS ONLY 20 fer shtz sake!<br><br>eat my extended family guts baby!<br><br>MEANWHILE:::::::::::<br>Cheney Takes Aim At War Critics, (why should he one should ask...)<br>CBS News - 38 minutes ago<br>(CBS/AP) Vice President Dick Cheney said Monday that criticism of the Iraq war is acceptable but that some Democratic senators were "dishonest and reprehensible" for suggesting that President Bush lied to the nation about the war. ... <br>Murtha Says Americans Back Iraq Pullout Washington Post<br>Politicians across spectrum state their case on Iraq USA Today<br>Asia Times Online - Newsday - Los Angeles Times - Seattle Times - all 1,630 related <br><br>LOL<br><br>Sigh<br><br>does it ever end?<br>Guess it ends every hurricane for some<br><br>someday<br><br>PS<br>in the words of Cheryl cracker Crow<br>" if war makes you happy<br>why the h e l l are you so sad? "<br><br>Blood remains where corruption temporarily gets away with crime.