all we want is life beyond, <br>the Thunderdome...<br><br>or beyond, the polluted ecologically, economically and socially/lack of health zone.<br><br>Tiz all 'common sense', modern, non polluting, family not faith-based kinda people, folk, citizens and taxpayers want; that which this administration up on the hill that cheated their way in for the sake of some foreign power IMHO has taken away...<br><br>ADMIT IT<br>things are becoming more FUBAR by the day.<br><br>IMPEACH!<br><br>Don't say I did not warn yaz!<br><br>Catalog conventional warfare is a joke.<br>As if the whole Evanjelousical thing is not bad enough...<br>guess we all shall endure what's left behind to rot.<br>As long as racism is being programmed into the ADD minds at-large<br>nothing will make sense...<br>I have the right to hate the neonazichristoallahkick your wife in the face type'o idiots... and even those thugged out commi-CIAop-dictator plain clothed idiots.<br>BACK TO THE PRIMITIVE BABY!<br><br>Payce!<br><br>Oh and, <br><br>or bust...<br> or just rot your brain on the TV.<br><br>Ya know,<br>television<br>the drug of a nation<br>breeding ignorance and feeding radiation...<br>unless ya got a plasma... me thinks...<br><br>payce<br>PAAAAAAYCE!<br><br>Brought to you by:<br><br><br><br>Blood remains where corruption temporarily gets away with crime.