From Wallstreet Journal article by Sharon Begley today--not linkable because Wallstreet Journal is a capitalist enterprise and wants your money if you're going to read its stuff. Snippets follow:<br><br>[snip]"A few years ago, biologist W. Charles Kerfoot was examining 'cores'--basically, muck deposited decades earlier--in a Michigan lake. Lo and behold, he and his colleagues discovered eggs, and not just any eggs. They had been laid long ago by tiny creatures (mostly insects and crustaceans) that no longer lived in the lake. Even better, there was still life in the eggs. Under the right conditions, they would hatch.<br><br>"'We knew right away that we were founding a whole new field,' says Prof. Kerfoot of Michigan Technological University, Houghton. 'I call it "resurrection ecology."' By hatching the eggs one muddy layer at a time, he realized, he could compare one generation with another to investigate evolutionary change.<br><br>[snip]<br><br>"In his resurrection work, Prof. Kerfoot focuses on eggs of a tiny water flea, Daphnia retrocurva, from Portage Lake. He sieves them out of the deep muck, pops them into an incubator, and is a proud papa a few days later. 'We've resurrected eggs from 300 years ago,' he says. 'That's 3,000 generations, equivalent to 120,000 years of evolution for humans.'<br><br>"And evolve is jusst what the little guys did."<br><br>The guy's a pointy headed professor, probably writes in lower case, and surely is a pinko commie anti-American. Interesting though.<br><br>