WTF?<br><br>So as far as I can tell it's OK to loot houses after a hurricane hits...<br>it's not as bad as smoking crack or ODing on Xanex... like his daughter did (look it up)<br><br>-------->>>>>>> <br>Bush vetoes measure that would have increased looting sentences<br>Associated Press <br>Posted June 2 2005, 3:29 PM EDT <br> <br> TALLAHASSEE -- A bill that would have increased penalties for burglaries committed while a state of emergency is in effect was vetoed Thursday by Gov. Jeb Bush, who said it was too broad.<br> The measure (HB 207) was aimed at looters who steal in the wake of hurricanes and passed both chambers of the Legislature unanimously this year DUGH!. In some cases, burglars who committed their crimes after a hurricane would have received sentences of up to 30 years in prison. Currently, burglary is typically punishable by up to 15 years in prison, although longer terms are possible in some cases such as when a weapon is used.``I am concerned that the scope of the bill is overly broad,'' Bush wrote in the message explaining his veto. ``The enhanced penalties would have application beyond just looting in the days following a disaster.'' WHY NOT A COUPLE MONTHS AFTER?<br><br>Funny, his family seems to have done the same thing in Iraq... remember?<br><br>FKN IDIOT.<br>Guess he just wants us to kill eachother. <br>Then all his richy rich friends can move in right?<br>Get his crackhead daughter to become a maid or sumthin' retarded...<br><br>you wait<br>the bottom will drop out<br>and I'll be telling ya<br>TOLD YA SO<br><br>don't drink the koolaid<br><br>X