Oh my goodness, not only am I being quoted months after I have left but I am sock puppeted too!. I know, I am such an egomaniac that I am sure that pencilerase is a pun on polymerase.<br><br>Not a bad likeness. But pencil, if you are going to imitate me, use proper grammar. By using a double negative your accusation of knowing nothing about nothing flips your meaning so that he knows much about everything. That should have been addressed to me. <br><br>No misspellings though. Very good doggie! <br><br>Ah shiit. I've just posted when I promised not to come back for six months thus leaving the door open for a last word from the peanut gallery. Well, let me respond now by saying your last witty words cut me to the quick. I will tuck my tail and not return until school is back in session.<br><br><br><br><br>