There is still a large group out there in BSville.<br>Playing like they're not racist bastards...<br><br><br><br>What riles me is that the Florida scoundrels allow automatic weapons to be bought by these groups... Remember the automatic weapons ban was lifted and forgotton, swept under the rug by messing with people's social programs and such...<br><br>They have to sneak their hate<br>while my hate for them is worn proudly<br><br><br>From left, Alison Greene, Courtney Reid-Eaton and Ken Eaton take part in a vigil at Holloway and Dillard streets in Durham a day after a cross was burned there. 'I haven't seen anything like this in my entire life, and I reject it,' Greene said.<br><br>Human filth.<br><br><br>Gene Troy, a hate crimes investigator with the N.C. Human Relations Commission, inspects the spot where a cross was burned at Interstate 85 and Hillandale Road in Durham.<br><br>X