<img src=http://images.apple.com/chatterbox/us/itms/dmb2/images/main.jpg border=0><br>click me<br><br>Featuring the hit song "American Baby," the new studio album by Dave Matthews Band was the #1 album on iTunes — and across America — last week.<br><br>Music fans aren't the only ones who love the album; the critics do, too:<br><br>"Bouncing from sexy to spiritual and sweet to savage, Stand Up is a standout."<br>- USA TODAY<br><br>"Spectacularly ambitious ... It's sublime. A-minus."<br>- ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY<br><br>"Enlightened riff-rock and splashes of color ... one likeable album. 3 ½ stars."<br>- ROLLING STONE<br><br>The iTunes version of Stand Up contains a bonus video on the making of this exceptional album, and iTunes is the only place to buy this album digitally. <br><br>----<br>:)
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