<I>(via <A HREF=http://www.boingboing.net/2005/05/19/artwork_of_eric_doer.html>[color:TEAL]<U>BoingBoing</U></FONT></A>):</I><br><br>Hey Moms! Hey Dads!<br><br>Would it do your heart proud to see little Johnny or Susie follow in your footsteps?<br><br><A HREF=http://www.ericdoeringer.com/toys.html>[color:TEAL]<U>These junior society-drain starter sets</U></FONT></A> can be found on the toy display racks of most of your better urban convenience marts/liquor stores.<br><br>Pick some up today (if you have money left over after buying your Lottery tickets and $5.00 ham-n-cheeze sammiches).<br><br>