ok. i get this letter from my work today and it says <br><br>"we recently performed a review of all employees benefits deductions. we examined deductions made from jan-mar 2001. we found that many employees paid too much or not enough based on their current benefit elections. as a result, we need to make the necessary adjustments to benefits deductions. <br><br>you fall into the group of employees who did not pay enough for your coverage. on your next pay statement, you will see a seperate deduction for the amount you owe: $172.41"<br><br>how is that the amount *I* owe? is it my fault that they werent taking out enough money this whole time? and now theyre just going to come along and grab out almost half a paycheck in one lump sum? what kind of crap is this? aaargh. is there anything i can do about this? this sucks.<br><br><br>[edit] ok, i just called those bastards and weeded through like 10 minutes worth of menus to get to a live person. theyre going to take it out in 13 deductions instead of the one i thought they were going to do so i guess its not all that bad. i asked the girl if i could yell and not have to pay and she said "nope, youd still have to pay" ohwell. at least it isnt all in one check. [/edit] <P ID="edit"><FONT SIZE=-1><EM>Edited by scaught on 08/20/01 07:45 PM (server time).</EM></FONT></P>