What a bogus lawsuit ... looks like a cheap attempt to ride the attention blitz Apple receives with the launch of their new OS today.<br><br>The suit says it's because Apple replaced Tiger Direct in Google for typing in "Tiger" - that would be keyword spamming if that's the complete reason.<br><br>I need some Graphic Designer help please ... I want to include a graphic of a cross between a skunk (aka a pole cat)and a tiger - doesn't have to be anything fancy and I will credit you with the graphic in a story. I'm reasonably talented in photoshop - I just haven't been able to come up with anything decent. Your artwork may be of other value as well - I will explain to any submissions. Just post them here or email them to me at adzooxATATadzoox.com - I will gladly reward the creator with a cable of choice shipped for free (firewire/usb, serial, camera, etc) or if you can see something from my adzoox.com website ... lemme know.<br><br><br><br>WWW.ADZOOX.COM & www.JACKWHISPERS.COM