BAGHDAD (Reuters) - Gunmen shot dead a member of Iraq's parliament outside her house in Baghdad Wednesday, Iraqi police said.<br>They identified the victim as Lame'a abed Khadawi, a member of caretaker Prime Minister Iyad Allawi's political party. The attack occurred in front of her home in eastern Baghdad. She is believed to be the first person in the 275-member National Assembly to be killed. The assembly was formed after elections on Jan. 30 this year.<br><br>Sad. From what I gather that Ruskie built copter that was shot down a few days ago over Babylon had security personnel in it, so they new the value of the target IMHO. Seems this whole war is cheaped out, DU'd out... polluted to the gills.<br>So when we all go home we can see the BS thickening (unless some diplomacy bought them freedom from the bizzerkers, like that French woman which was basically the reason for Italy pulling out) what I mean is this:<br><br>Hostages to die tomorrow, (THAT's TODAY) say Iraqi militants<br>26/04/2005 - 22:40:04 <br>Iraqi militants threatening to kill three Romanian journalists and a US hostage issued a new video today, extending the deadline until tomorrow for Romania to withdraw its troops, Al-Jazeera television said.<br>The militants said in the video they would begin killing the hostages at 6pm local time (3pm BST) tomorrow unless their demands were met, the network reported.<br>Two of the hostages, Romanian Sorin Miscoci and Iraqi American Mohammed Monaf, were seen in the video wearing orange jumpsuits which kidnappers in the past have put on their hostages when they kill them.<br>--------><br>I wonder if these blinded by faith types (exactly what the corporations expected)<br>were able to fathom this situation. The distrust. The sites spawned like:<br><br><br> -every movement has it's commercial side these Canadian dayz in the mist...<br><br>Guess that's why those GOPsters crave privatization.<br>Even your police, privatized, to the point of your own private sidearm,<br>in place of police...<br><br>admit it<br>this war economy is for the birds<br>this mass hypnosis is for shyte too!<br><br>Cause<br><br>Effect<br><br>More effect<br><br><br>One day when humans are ready maybe. For a more down-to-Earth wisdom.<br><br>[color:blue]~</font color=blue> > [color:red].net</font color=red>