This has been on our local news today. The sniper victims may not be the first. Good thing he's off the streets. <br><br><br>'It's Him, It's Him'<br><br>October 26, 2002 <br> <br>By Michelle Esteban <br><br>TACOMA - The family of a murdered Tacoma woman thinks sniper suspect John Muhammad might be the killer in that case. <br><br>21 year old Keenya Cook was shot in February. The case remains unsolved. But now Tacoma police have reopened the case after Keenya's mother recognized Muhammad on TV. <br><br>"It's him, it's him, it's him, it's's got to be him," says Pamala Nichols. <br><br>What makes her so sure? A mother's intuition. <br><br>"He killed my child first, he killed in Maryland, New Jersey, Alabama. But he was here when my child was killed," says Nichols. <br><br>Tacoma Police records show four days before 21-year-old Keenya Cook was killed, John Muhammad was in Tacoma. He was arrested for shoplifting. And before that, Pamala Nichols says John Muhammad visited her sister-in-law's home on a number of occasions. <br><br>"I mean, she was friends with his wife, he was eating dinner here with us," says Nichols. <br><br>But the relationship changed when John Muhammad and his wife Mildred separated and he disappeared with their three children. 18 month later, Muhammad called Pamala's sister-in-law Isa Nichols. She called the FBI. <br><br>"It went through the courts, they awarded custody to Mildred and that was the last dealing we had with John," says Joseph Nichols, Isa's husband. <br><br>Joseph Nichols says his wife was Muhammad's accountant and that's how she met and befriended Muhammad's wife. <br><br>"She helped get him convicted with regards to kidnapping charges. He didn't like Isa, that's what my brother told me," says Pamala Nichols. <br><br>On February 16 someone knocked on the door at the Nichols' home. 21-year-old Keenya Cook answered it and was shot in the face. Her mother thinks it was a vendetta killing. <br><br><br>"He's caught, I wish he would speak up," she says. <br><br>Tacoma Police want to talk to him. Investigators have now reopened the case. <br><br>"When I saw him on TV I thought, once I got over the shock of his arrest, I thought I should let the cops know we know him," says Joseph Nichols. <br><br>A next door neighbor, Kathleen Yellowcalf says on the day of the murder she told police a black man was parked outside of the house watching it for hours. <br><br>Tacoma police say they're reviewing the evidence and that Keenya was shot with a handgun. <br><br>In fact, the state Attorney General's office is now reviewing more than a thousand unsolved murder cases since Muhammad's arrest. <br><br>"There are three things I've learned never to discuss with people: religion, politics, and the Great Pumpkin."<br>-- Linus Van Pelt (Peanuts)
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