I got my older sister on Macs on the old Performa days, now she bought the iMac Flat Panel when it first came out - she has never called me once to ask for help and must love the Mac to upgrade. Yes she uses PCs at work and hates them and also has 2 PCs at home for the kids to play games and stuff<br><br>I also have a coworker who is thinking about switching, I brought him to the Apple store a few weeks back and he likes the Mini and the iMac LOL. So until he decides on which one he wants. For him he is not to puter literate and does not like the PC hassle with virus protection, spy-ware and all that other crud hence the Mac is real attractive to him.<br><br>My observation.<br>From watching PC users on a Mac - The one button mouse really throws them off, like they get confused or something. Even when I tell them for a context menus just click and hold and the menus will come up - they still don't get it. Certainly the naming convictions is also something they have to over come.<br><br>Anyway whats best for a PC to Mac switcher the first thing to get for them is a 2 button mouse with a scroll wheel. That to me would make their transition a wee bit easier.<br><br>