<br>An Iraqi soldier stands over a group of Sudanese nationals after their arrest in Baghdad February 28, 2005. The Sudanese were accused of firing at an Iraqi patrol.<br>28 Feb 2005 REUTERS/Akram Saleh<br><br><br>Iraqi workers clean debris near a large pool of blood at the scene of a suicide attack in the city of Hilla, February 28, 2005. A suicide bomber detonated a car near police recruits and a crowded market on Monday, killing 115 people and wounding 148 in the single bloodiest attack in Iraq since the fall of Saddam Hussein. Photo by Ali Abu Shish/Reuters<br><br>Funny, they don't look like 'ragheads' (stupid cowboy comment I've heard)<br>one could only imagine if the fears of rising crime pushed by the economic terrorism abroad had not manifest through corrupt voting in the US... and the world was fed instead, imagine if our job was to fly to the trouble spots, sail there if no oil could be afforded.<br>No strings attached, no drugs pushed<br>no religion to bow down to...<br><br>imagine I shall<br>a world away from the empire pissing abroad<br><br>To the next generation, the Earth.