<br><br>Theory of the commission, 'how we live leads to war'<br>Then came the blank check which led to the BS we've all been taxed for.<br>Anyhow, the commission goes on saying...<br>Dept. of Labor becomes homeland dept.<br>From pure labor stats to nationality based stats.<br>None of the WTC destruction evil-doers, echo echo echo...<br>none of them were of Pakistani origin<br>which is the majority of those imprisoned in Passaic.<br><br>Irony.<br>Both Christians (usually of the born again cuz they fked up in life thanks<br>to some corporate loan debt scam, TV miracles realized errr...or drug abuse) and Muslims (usually by <br>economic submission, once nomadic tribes of highlands, sometimes rich by oil now in bed with the cowboy vampires again, the other irony)<br>Ironically both these pieces to the static puzzle are innocent until proven guilty.<br><br>Thought I'd just drop this<br>the Democracy Now org/channel helped out.<br><br>I know, I know go and get busy figuring how to pick up the pieces, mop the blood, right? : P<br><br>Kiss my<br>A<br>S<br>S<br><br>P<br>L<br>E<br>A<br>S<br>E<br><br>I'm l e g i t.<br><br>Unlike many proven criminal frauds...<br>read on.<br><br>Yeah that's it.<br><br>To the next generation, the Earth.