Good 'text based' mornin' to all out there in paperless land.<br><br>,1382,66124,00.html<br><br>Something any techie voyeur can sink her or his teeth/ear into...<br>(grin)<br>When are people going to realize Enron, Chevron, Exxon and Veriz-on...<br>?<br>Sigh...<br><br>======>Read on, for those that think for themselves:<br>While customers might flip for the unlimited service, despite having to make more than one call to reach their destination, cell phone giants expressed varying views.<br><br>T-Mobile and Cingular issued e-mail statements.<br><br>A T-Mobile representative wrote, "Like all carriers, T-Mobile USA is concerned about and continually monitors our network for abuse. T-Mobile has no partnership or business relationship with Xcelis beyond a standard business account."<br><br>A representative for Cingular wrote, "Typically, Cingular doesn't comment on other service providers. I can tell you that Cingular is aware of Xcelis and is looking into its service model."<br><br>Verizon Wireless, which is not yet part of Pantheon's service, is taking a negative stance, however. Company spokesman Jeffrey Nelson said Xcelis' product "violates the terms and conditions of our contract."<br><br>"It is bypassing our network, lessening the value of the services we offer to the bulk of our customer base," he said. Though Verizon wouldn't terminate contracts with customers using a service like Pantheon, it would do so with any company offering that kind of product, he said.<br><br>"let them eat war<br>that's how to ration the poor..." -Bad Religion.<br><br><br>Give me the torch!<br><br>